Today’s #AparTogether poetry challenge prompt was to write an acrostic poem. This one fell into my consciousness as I sat on the porch this morning. It seems to be reflective of my mood in these days of social distancing and isolation.

Let the birdsong heal your heart
in the moments of your grief, as
silence echoes loss, let
the river whisper peace, and
enter your broken sorrow–
narcotics for your soul.


┬ęstephanie pepper, 2020

book spine poetry

To help make social distancing and quarantine feel a little less isolating during this COVID-19 mess, my friend Lynn has been coming up with weekly #AparTogether challenges. This week, in honor of National Poetry Month, each challenge is poetic! Today’s challenge was to “write” a book spine poem. Choose a few books from your shelf, arrange the titles and voila–instant poem! I was so happy with mine that I decided to share it here.


And because it may be difficult to read the titles on the photo, here is “my” poem.

On the road
this day,
their eyes were watching God.
voices in the air,
the bell and the blackbird,
all the pretty horses.
Imagination in place
a wrinkle in time.
Sorry for your troubles.