photo cred: eli pepper

I’ve spent most of my life feeling adrift. I’ve never been sure what it is that I’m supposed to Do with my life, as if Doing is the most important thing. I’ve felt untethered in the waiting as I’ve tried to figure out my Purpose. But in the waiting I’ve found that Being is more important than Doing. Hamlet didn’t ask “to do, or not to do” he asked “to be, or not to be.” And in the simple act of Being, which isn’t really so simple, beauty happens. When you’re Being instead of Doing the world opens up and surprises you with pockets of beauty; little moments of loveliness where time seems to stand still. I want to capture those moments like a camera shutter and display those timeless snapshots so that somehow my Being makes life more beautiful–for me, for you, for this tired old world that needs things of beauty more than ever.

artistic influences:
Eddie Vedder, Jane Kenyon, Emily Dickinson, Mary Oliver, Naomi Shihab Nye, Wendell Berry, Rilke, Pádraig Ó’Tuama, Linda McCartney…

life influences:
James Trone, Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam, John O’Donohue, Barbara Brown Taylor, Richard Rohr, Alexander Supertramp (Chris McCandless)…