poetry ghost

Green corduroy jacket
on a dark morning,
a girl embraced eternity.
“Peace, you’re not my prisoner,”
she said,
“and I am not yours.”
So sail soft, slow, baby,
on the porcelain ocean.
She’s a starless poetry ghost.

©stephanie g. pepper, 2020

(Another in the poetry challenge series from a couple of weeks ago that I have edited just a bit. This poem started as a Magnetic Poetry poem. I’ve edited slightly, but only added words from the original word choice selection I was given, with the exception of the word “jacket” and a few articles.)

2 thoughts on “poetry ghost

  1. Peace. Is it still there?

    Yes. Nature takes her time, a sure and steady healer. Of the scar I carved across her face. Those left behind, remanded to its upkeep, will soon forget their reason and cease the thankless task at hand.

    The birds may not forget, for they on fleeting wings were startled from their roosts as I intruded noisily into their scared garden.

    But I alone, no, now with you, will keep that cause for which I toiled in tireless passion. For beating in our hearts is Peace itself.

    And something else. We felt.

    Like shining stars in separate skies, passing comets in a vast and marvelous universe currently filled with confusion and pain. Longing for warmth and comfort in contact not long forgotten. To bond the human spirit and lift our minds in soaring flight above these trials of mortal life we all must bare.

    Like birds, with wings we seek. To soar. And yet we can. And yet we will. For in us Peace survives, to rise not as starless ghosts, but as rays of light passed on in gentle hugs and simple quiet moments shared.

    So yes, I know it’s there. Forever.


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