I cut a fistful of daisies from
the hillside this morning, and
carried them home to you.
From under the sink I
pulled an old jar and
filled it with water from the tap;
then gathered the stems and
let them fall wide
to cover the mouth of the jar.
I carried them to you, there where
you sat, in a chair by the
window, not seeing the light.
You smiled, and said thank you,
then looked to the floor.
Not even the sunlight that
dropped from the petals
brightened your eyes at all. 

©️stephanie pepper, 2020

One thought on “fistful

  1. Kicked me in the gut. I love it. Your heart and soul and spirit are in each word…

    I have been in that place. On both sides.

    You’ve got it, friend.

    Love 🖤🖤🖤 M

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